Friday 18 September 2015

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Thursday 20 August 2015


Element: Water 
Affirmation: I am Balanced 

A great pose for the Core and our balance as we must balance doing this pose. It invigorates the body, improves digestion and relieves stress. There are many variations to this pose as it can be tricky for smaller children - if you are practicing with your child you could face each other holding hands and sway back and forward and maybe even sing a song like Row row row your boat. A favourite among many.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Healthy Juicing, Mini Me Yoga style.... by Barry (Aged 10 soon to be 11)

Mini Me Yoga with Amanda and Barry (age 10 -soon to be 11!) at Mini Me Yoga Ireland,
Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland.

10 Weeks of School Holidays! What to do? Lots of Mini Me Yoga of course! :-)
My son Barry has come up with the very clever idea of combining the Magick Mini Me
yoga cards and juicing. 

Of course this is not his first time combining his many other
skills with the magick cards. Did we mention we do tapping (emotional freedom
technique)with the magick yoga cards!)? We will save that for another Blog!

Back to the Juicing- Stay Focused I hear you say: “I am focused”

Today we made
Blove: Boat Pose “I am balanced”, Dog Pose “I am Love”


2 -3 baby satsumas (leave on the skin if juicing) 2-3 pink lady apples,
2 thin slices lemon, 1/4 lime, 2 kiwis
handful of mixed grapes.
Optional (After juicing add 2-3 dates blend and sweeten!)

Barry said it was like sweet and sour Magick we b-loved it! We are
experimenting, more importantly having Fun :-) 

We tend not to follow juice books and just go with the flow and what's in the kitchen! Enjoy!

Our Intention for everyday over the Summer holidays is to creatively make healthy juices,
smoothies fruit platters, raw vegan ice-creams and jellies. 

We really are determined to introduce as much raw fruit and vegetables into our diet. 

We will be sharing more with you soon! 

Lots Love! Amanda & Barry Xxxx

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